Ordering details

Each Anatomics® patient specific custom implant is manufactured to order based on a surgeon’s prescription at Anatomics’ facilities in Melbourne, Australia and delivered by courier to the local Wansår office for custom clearance and hand delivery to the customer.

The request for quotation and order can be placed either manually using the enclosed ordering form or directly from Anatomics via internet

1. Manual order

Fill out enclosed Anatomics-Product-Request-Form.pdf and send to the below address:

Wansår Corporation Ltd
Uudenmaantie 100
20760 Piispanristi

Please enclose the CT-scan on a CD Anatomics-CT-Scan-Protocol-Form1.pdf

After receiving the enquiry your local Wansår office will contact you to confirm the price and delivery time. The product will typically be delivered within 2-3 weeks of order confirmation.

The delivery will include both the patient specific Custom Implant and the Surgical Biomodel. The implant needs to be sterilized before surgery using STERRAD hydrogen peroxide plasma, ethylene oxide gas or gamma radiation.

2. Ordering via internet

AnatomicsRx® Software allows medical staff to view CT and MRI DICOM scan data in 3D format and electronically request a quotation or place an order for a BioModel or custom implant. The software can be installed on private or Hospital PCs. AnatomicsRx® saves time, paper work and reduces ordering errors